At INNERSPACE we will give you the option to choose from a large range of doors, in most cases we will match your existing, but if you would like something different we offer a large selection of doors. See a selection below for examples that we stock.


If you require any additional doors for your loft conversion simply let us know and we will add any additional costs to your existing proposal.

How to order your doors

A simple 3 step process to order you doors:
1: Browse through the selection below
2: Choose your doors
Click place order

Loft Fire Doors Loft Conversion Door

Moulded Panel Doors

Royale Oak Natural Doors

Royal Oak Doors Door OrderDoor Order

Clear Pine Doors

Clear Pine Doors Door OrderDoor Order

Flush Doors

Flush For Paint Doors Door OrderDoor Order

Walnut Finish Doors

Walnut Effect Doors Door OrderDoor Order